Loss of hair pigmentation

It is no secret that, as we age, our hair goes grey, or even white. But what exactly causes the unwelcome appearance of these grey hairs?

In order to understand why hair goes grey, we need to understand where its colour comes from in the first place. The colour of our hair is determined by a mixture of two types of melanin. The first is called pheomelanin and results in blond and red hair. The second, eumelanin, gives rise to darker shades, and thus brunette and black hair. These two melanins can be mixed in varying proportions, which is why there are so many different hair colours.

So what causes hair to go grey? Grey or white hair is caused by a lack of these two melanins. With age, the number of melanocytes (i.e. the cells that produce melanin) decreases and these cells are no longer regenerated. So, there is less melanin in the hair and therefore less colour, hence the appearance of grey or white hairs.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution to prevent grey hair and, for the moment, no way to turn back time! The only thing that you can do is delay and reduce the appearance of greys, using products such as those in the Positiv’hair™ range.

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