Our advices of use of
Positiv' Hair

Positiv’hair is a natural solution to your grey hair problems


For optimal effects and to ensure that you achieve satisfactory results, certain instructions must be followed during use.


The first step is to stop using any shampoos and other hair care products that contain silicones. Silicone forms a coating on the hair and thus prevents any treatments from penetrating to the core of the hair. We offer a range of organic shampoos that are entirely silicone-free.

Use the product everyday for 28 days

The second step is to complete the initial treatment phase, during which you must use the product every day for 28 days. The purpose of this starting phase is to restore your hair to a shade close to your own colour.

Application du Positiv' Hair


before every use,
shake the bottle


Spray the product on dry hair without making a line


Be sure to wet all the hair with the product


Brush your hair and let it dry alone


Wipe the product off your face and your hands


Let the product at least  8 hours before any shampoo

Do not wash your hair more than 3 times during the initial treatment phase, as this could eliminate some of the product from your hair.

If you use only the lotions, then brushing your hair thoroughly every morning will suffice. However, if you use the ultra-intensive cream, you will need to wash your hair.

You can then maintain the repigmentation of your hair according to the results and your desires: you will need to apply the product once or twice per week to maintain your hair colour. If you see that your hair is beginning to lose its colour again, you can always increase the number of times you apply the product per week.

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