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Taking care of your skin naturally

To look after your skin naturally, it is often necessary to turn to our grandmothers' remedies. Certain natural products have been found to be effective since time immemorial, and it would be daft not to benefit from such wisdom!

The first tenet of skin care is, of course, cleansing: by removing dead skin cells, impurities and excess sebum, you enable your skin to breathe better. It will therefore better absorb the treatments that you apply subsequently, as well as being better able to discharge perspiration.

Moisturising is the next most important treatment for your skin, whether this be through your diet or by means of cosmetics such as moisturising creams. Hydration is one of your skin's most fundamental needs.

To hydrate your skin naturally, there are natural or organic creams that provide the moisture needed, without any chemical substances.

Weekly exfoliation will help to improve the general appearance of the skin. Natural exfoliators exist, based on citrus fruits, coconut, cane sugar, and even coffee. There's something for everyone!

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