The basics of skin cleansing for better regeneration

Cleansing is the most important stage in any skin care routine. Even if you do not apply any creams or care products, everyone washes their skin. It is important, however, to also enable the skin to regenerate.

Why? Because our skin breathes: there is an exchange between the epidermis and the external environment. The residues and impurities that accumulate on our skin form a barrier, preventing this exchange.

Proper hydration and good-quality sleep are two simple measures that promote the regeneration of the skin.  The body needs water in order to regenerate, so it is important to drink enough throughout the day.

Sleep is also a major component in ensuring healthy skin. The skin regenerates during the night, particularly between midnight and 4 am, as this is when the body produces the most new cells.

Weekly exfoliation is recommended to deep-cleanse the skin of impurities that conventional cleansing cannot remove. With dead skin cells and pollution removed, the skin can regenerate far better!

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