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Moisturising and lifting the epidermis, for healthier skin

Hydration is a very important factor when it comes to taking care of your skin. Our skin needs resources so that it does not become dry and itchy. There are two simple ways to hydrate the skin. The first, of course, is to drink plenty of water. Regardless of the season, it is recommended that we drink around 1.5 litres per day, in addition to any water content in the food that we eat (in particular, fruit and vegetables). The second way is to hydrate the skin using a cream. This allows for localised action in order to care for a specific area, such as the face.

To lift the skin of the face, you can also try facial gymnastics. This consists of a little series of exercises designed to work the muscles of the face, developing greater muscle tone and thus lifting the skin on the surface. Generally speaking, achieving greater muscle tone does help to firm up the skin, so regular exercise is always a good idea.

To firm up your skin, there is nothing like cold water! On a regular basis, try turning your shower to cold, as this will firm up the tissues of your body. Alternating between hot and cold water will boost your blood circulation.

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